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Play Bubble Football Here

Bubble football is exactly what it says on the cover, playing football in bubbles. The fun twist on the sport results in heaps of laughter and bumping around that will no doubt make you feel like a young kid who is excited to play again.


The laughter can be enjoyed on surfaces like 3G pitches, astro turf and sports halls (depending on your preference), that will lead to fantastic jumping, shooting, bouncing and tackling in the giant bubbles.

The game, commonly called zorball, is an event where funny stories are created and could stay with you for years to laugh over.


We allow you to hire bubble football in various ways. See more details about what we offer and about how to book below.

A group of pins stands at one end of the pitch while another player tries to run and dive at the group in an attempt to knock as many pins over as possible.

Two players from opposing teams try to push each other out of bounds, which is a circle drawn on the ground.

Bulldog: One player (the starting bulldog) tries to knock down as many players as possible, stopping them from getting from one end of the pitch to the other. Whoever gets knocked down then also becomes a bulldog

At Sportszone come and have a bubble with our fun bubble football activities.

Encase yourself in one of our inflatable Torus Bubbles (Similar to a Zorb) covering upper torso & head then choose from a number of different games.

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